Jokes. I get jokes.

This is perhaps in a slightly different category, but nonetheless…Shake’s reflection cued me to think about this experience.

Recently, in a class here, an instructor talked about a translational issue with a biblical text. The short form version is that the translators changed “my son” to read “my child” to make it gender inclusive. The trick was that it was a section on marital advice, and includes such choice statements as advising this son to pick a woman whose breasts he could enjoy for his entire life. Not that enjoying breasts is a priori wrong…but let’s just say this passage was not reflective of a sex-positive, respectful mutuality. Now, YDS is many things, but extremely progressive, it ain’t. This instructor considers herself pretty well left of center, and seems to have thought of her discourse as bringing awareness to some of the gender issues in the text.

This is where we cue: “Ally Discomfort.” Or maybe it’s advocate discomfort. You’ll see what I mean here. Instead of leaving it at that, this instructor seemed to have a need to dissipate some of the tension caused by directing attention to gender issues, which she presumably as a woman would “benefit” from. The distraction provided was: “of course, this isn’t a warrant for queer theology…” And she led the class in laughing.

Uh…there are many things that the systematic exclusion and invisibility of queer persons in biblical rhetorics is… Tragic, patriarchal bullshit, extremely problematic, unjustifiable…

Funny, it’s not. Which makes me wonder. What is it about performing our own advocacy that increases our pressure to perform horizontal oppression?

Hrm. There’s gonna be a long conversation about this on Monday. We’ll see what she has to say for herself.