It’s strange indeed for me to not be able to think of anything to write these past couple days. I’ve been spending my time in vigils, reflection, and a half dozen services…which should give me all that silent freedom to think. And while it’s been deeply rewarding time for me, I’ve got the following to show for it.

Nothing. Well, nothing bloggable.

I think I’m going to be in for a rude shock come Monday…these past few weeks have been pretty wretched as far as news goes. The Duke case, the backlash, anti-immigrant crap, Bill Napoli, sectarian violence in Iraq, more conflict in the Darfur…

Shocked, harrowed, angered and grieved by all of this, it still on some level seemed to match my already Lenten mood. Something makes me doubt all those stories are going to have happy endings by tomorrow.

Liturgically disrupted,