Since I now have my first official Yale readership…I thought it wise to discuss just why I write under psuedonym.

After all, I’m not usually a fan of closets, of any kind. And one of my real beefs with academia is the way that students are encouraged to either can their criticism, or vent it out in anonymous class evaluations after its way too late. It’s indirect and nameless criticism that takes the place of open dialogue, honest communication, and when called for, real confrontation.

So. Why am I a Sly Civilian?

I intend to keep this place for some time, perhaps even after I’ve started teaching. I’d like to have writing here that I can draw on, but not have show up just by googling my name. I’d just lock it away, but I’d much rather have a chance to participate in the larger conversation. If you know me in real life, at least more than in passing, or if you’re really resourceful…i should think that one could figure me out. But i’d rather have at least one layer of insulation from the random google of a prof, or in the future…student?

The second is that it does not necessarily follow that what is said here is just left as anonymous ranting. Writing here often gives me the chance to crystallize my thinking, and go into conversations with a better idea of what i want to be said. Just looking at what i’ve blogged so far…i’ve made public statements about most of it all.

I’ll have to keep thinking about such things, but for now, i remain…

Faithfully yours,

Sly Civilian