Things are hella busy here…but there are some good stories to report when I get the time.

In the mean time…i wanted to give a shout out to the new thing on the block. Kevin at SlantTruth has opened a board for the lefty/radical blogger types to have safe space.

I’ve got great hopes for that place, and intend to spending time connecting with my fellow travellers there.

But a quick word of explanation, that might go well with my last entry. Closed community, like anonymity, does not begin as an end unto itself. It’s a mirroring of the already present conditions of injustice. It takes a form of the exclusion or dehumanization of the oppression, but subverts their signification.

We don’t close our ranks and whisper because we like to be alone. We do it because we’re already excluded, and need time, energy and affirmation just to keep going. I don’t give up my name because I’m ashamed of what i say. I do it because the way the system works, i have to choose between having a face and having a voice.

I gladly look to a day when I don’t need to mark off spaces for their safety. But until then…