“I was saying don’t mix gender (the fact of being a woman) with being a lesbian because that’s going to complicate the issue as that’s yet another type of discrimination in addition to the race and gender issues (worthy of another discussion ie is race more significant than sexuality? – I guess the best people to make that assessment would be black homosexuals just like the best people to say whether race or gender is more important are black women).”

This from Racial Realist’s exchange with Nubian.

This was to “explain” why she said that Nubian had “brought in” orientation.

Some explanation, indeed. Maybe it’s that i just woke up and i’m a little cranky (yes, it’s ten in the morning) but there’s something really telling about that opening line there.

I don’t mix. Of course you don’t. That’s not your idenity. But to talk about the function of homophobia like it’s a secondary item to gender/racial intersectionality…that’s just missing the damn boat. Frankly, i don’t know if you can have patriarchy without homophobia. Sexism operates in unique ways across the “lines” of gender, but it’s sure as hell operating within those percieved and constructed boundaries. Homophobia is sexism’s answer to the single gender bording school, the locker room, and the football team. It’s picking up the night shifts so that this company can operate twenty four seven.

I don’t think this is the best argument in the world for caring about homophobia, which ought to be first and foremost, the harm that comes to persons who are read as or idenitify as queer.

But can it at least get us started?