A long day of travel, so i’m going to keep the post brief, and then go read up all the blogs i’m a week behind on.

Or sleep.

Anyhow, a few things of note as i bummed around manhattan today on my way back:

On the M60 bus, a mother let her child wander, only to be seriously cussed out by another passenger. Choice excerpts include, “you can’t just fucking stop watching your kid, this is goddamn New York City! You should feel lucky motherfucking ACS isn’t on your ass…welcome to motherfucking New York, bitch!” The funny thing is, the anger wasn’t about the child being a bother, which she was, but rather that it’s a dumbass thing to do, and endangers a kid who doesn’t know any better.

White boys who have dreds should not dye them green. You can either imitate the Lucky Charms leprachaun, or Bob Marley. Not both.

Someone spray painted a birthday party annoucement on a store front, about 32nd and 6th Ave. If you’re looking for a good party to attend, or simply enjoy low-fi graffiti, check it out.

Every kiosk south of 15th Street sells Tragedy. Literally, it’s this little booklet thing for 9/11….and the fact that Tragedy is for sale makes a very important point about the American people. We will buy anything.

There’s a “living statue” of the Statue of Liberty in Battery Park. See above.

The beer carts in Grand Central Terminal are the best idea ever. Trains can even make a Budwieser taste pretty decent at the end of a long day.