a short little excerpt on the neccessary conditions of having a open discussion on queer issues:

1. community. there is no such thing as a positive discussion when you’re in complete isolation.

2. trust. dominant group members must be ready to suspend critical analysis (though certainly not permantently forgo it). what they hear may surprise them, or be counter-intuitive. accepting at face value that this is in fact the lived experience of another human being, and placing value in it as such…is critical.

3. language. dominant group members need to be ready to recognize that their existing language and communication patterns may contain offensive content and messages. heteronormativity and privildge tends to be rather invisable to it’s benificiaries.

4. form. questions, and not statements, are important. if you knew what it was like to be queer…you’d be one. you know what it’s like to live your life. feel free to share about that. let us talk about our lives.

5. credibility. most queer people are used to having some pretty negative shit thrown at them. if you’re not among the twits and haters of the world…live that out. it makes everything easier.

It didn’t do much good when it was originally written, in the midst of a bi-phobic rant on a board i used to go to, but i thought it was worth posting here. Not terribly exhaustive, but a decent outline.