I’m trying to get back into a regular schedule here…some personal life busy-ness, getting addicted to World of Warcraft, and general post-school year brain shut down conspired to make me quiet.

The problem is that i have about 7 different posts in my head, and all of them are essays. No snarky open letters, quick links, or pithy one liners are currently available.

Well, in lieu of an actual post tonight, i’ll post my writing outline so i remember to actually come back and write these suckers.

  • Rape culture and the prison system, the myth and reality of “Pound Me in the Ass Prison” and the ethics of punishment.
  • “Here I Stand, I Can Be No Other,” a piece on Protestant idenity and the theological resources available to post-moderns
  • Enter/racial relations, and the chaotics of “ontological realities.” My mind’s not quite all around it yet, but before i’m done, i want to get from entropy to loving in a racialized America, and back to the erotics of uncertainty. This one might be brilliant, or (more likely) will never see the light of day.
  • “Does responsibility have weight when the one responsible has nothing?” Some musings on the semantics of agency based on a bitch’s quote.
  • Flirting, relationships, and defining comitment that rejects ownership.

See? I should be pecking away right now. I have plenty to write about. But i’m just sitting here, listening to Romantica instead.

Go figure.