Went in to Barnes and Noble yesterday, while on a field trip to Rochester. A political friend of mine (in that she’s a professional, and i’m a hack) was down there on business and i tagged along for the ride. And, to watch for deer.

And immediately, my sense of hope for the future began to give off that slow constricting feeling.

I wandered the shelves, noting the utter frequency of the term “Bitch.” Why Men Fall for Bitches, Why Bitches Get the Good Men, Why Your Woman is a Bitch, Bitchful Ways to Find Your Man…. I dearly want to place my slightly used lunch on the self-help section, but then i remembered that i hadn’t eaten any.

I then skimmed through D. Horowitz’s despicable academic Hit List on the 101 most dangerous profs in america. The entry on bell hooks caught my eye. He used her opening line to “killing rage.” He intended it as a shocker that would convince his audience of how dangerous a woman she is.

I am writing this essay sitting beside an anonymous white male that I long to murder.

His reading isn’t just bad, or faulty, or in err. It is fundamentally dishonest.

As long as black rage continues to be represented as always and only evil and destructive, we lack a vision of militancy that is necessary for transformative revolutionary action. I did not kill the white man on the plane even though I remained awed by the intesity of that desire. I did listen to my rage, and allowed it motivate me to take pen in hand and write…

I went downstairs an bought myself a copy.

David, i hate to break it to you, but bell and i are having a very interesting conversation right now.