Oh, goodness. So behind schedule here….tomorrow is going to be a real writing day. Promise.

Anyhow, I’m working on getting back some of the points I’ve lost recently. Until tonight i’d been 8.7% less queer than normal due to not having seen Brokeback. Tomorrow night will be a additional 6.2% bonus for Transamerica.

What really struck me was how much violence, overt and latent, was in Jack and Ennis’ relationship…which brings me to the million dollar question. Are we, queers etc, better off in the culture wars for this movie? My instinct is to say yes, that it does help humanize gay men. But by placing the setting in the 60s, the film elides the gender conditioning that frames male sex. With the “Malboro” style images, the pair and Ennis especially get portrayed as the “timeless cowboy” figure that exists as the pure and essential male. Simply put, gay separatism looks like rough sex remixed into a spaghetti Western.

It doesn’t have to be that way…