Oh, Friday. Day of days…

I haven’t yet gotten into a Friday blogging pattern, but i should think of one. You have your random tens, your cat blogging, the blogwhoring, the open threads…all sorts of lighter
fare. I’ll be brainstorming. Folks? Suggestions?

Anyhow, for today, it’s going to be a compliation of some of the stupid corporate things that have happened recently.

Schell’s Beer. Unless you’re Midwest, you don’t know what I’m talking about. Skip on ahead. But recently noted at the Turf Club (a place that should know better), they have a sign that crows “Proudly Not Served in Meat Markets.” Yeah.

In a similar vein, Pam at Pandagon notes that Pace’s ads have been miserably homophobic…

And if you haven’t had enough of thinly veiled homophobia in your advertising, the Silly Little Fairy spot from Daimler/Chrystler still takes first prize for dumbest 30 second spot in recent history.

But for the most stunningly “I cannot believe someone actually did this” moment of commerce…we go to Blackademic for her commentary on the utterly dispicable Sony compaign.

What really irks me about all of this crap is that real marketing takes skill. Repackaging racism and homophobia takes none. So quit trying to pass this crap off as “high concept” and admit that your ads are explicitly racist, Sony.