A little while ago, my insurance changed over. Again.

I shouldn’t complain, I have insurance, and it’s usually been pretty decent about getting me treated without too much drama.

The downside is that I’m once again in search of a primary care physician. I took several reccomendations, and nearly took them until i thought about it. How do i have any reason to believe that these people, while competent in other regards, have any knowledge, sensitivity, or experience with treating queer people?

So, with google as my trusty friend, I set out in search. Surely, in a town like Minneapolis, there has to be some queer friendly docs, right?

Unfortunatly, the Gay and Lesbian Medical Alliance’s referral service isn’t working at the moment…

But I kept getting results for Allina’s Clinics, and so I click through. Nothing. But on a hunch, I try the Google Cache. Saved there is a record of several docs who specialize in GBLT health care.

Why is it that this was such a production? Was I looking wrong? Is GBLT health care really that hard to find, even in such a queer friendly town? Why would Allina remove that information from their listings?

I’m frustrated, but I’m also upbeat. I have an appointment early next week, and it’s going to be long overdue. I need to get stuff documented for Yale in regards to my depression/anxiety stuff, and I also really ought to check my HIV status. I know that I’m negative, but c’mon…a boy can’t be too careful, and it’s worth it to know.

None of this would really require me to disclose my orientation…but I just don’t see the need to settle for health care that at somepoint might be compromised by homophobia. Health care is a human right…