Last couple days, there’s been a lot of discussion and reflection about separatist spaces in the wake of the Carnival of the Feminists…which while the fight is frustrating as all hell, has produced some of the best explanations of why safe spaces are necessary parts of liberation movements, and why the “reverse discrimination” canard cannot be taken seriously.

Thus, the (likely one off) Carnival of Safe Spaces, hosted by yours truely. So I’m going to be going around and asking for permission to link/excerpt, and I’m interested in new submissions as well. There’s been a fair amount of academic/theoretical defense, which is awesome, but I’d love to see celebrations, personal reflections, and reflection on safe spaces as well. I’d actually tell you the date this is all going up, but the plan is that I’ll be leading off my new place with this. Arbitrary deadline then of the 18th, and probably up by the 20th. Details will follow as soon as the wonderful VeganKid has my new blog up and running.

So in closing, a quote from my reaction to RPBKA’s inception…

Closed community, like anonymity, does not begin as an end unto itself. It’s a mirroring of the already present conditions of injustice. It takes a form of the exclusion or dehumanization of the oppression, but subverts the signification.

We don’t close our ranks and whisper because we like to be alone. We do it because we’re already excluded, and need time, energy and affirmation just to keep going. I don’t give up my name because I’m ashamed of what I say. I do it because the way the system works, I have to choose between having a face and having a voice.

I gladly look to a day when I don’t need to mark off spaces for their safety. But until then…