A Cracker Barrel?

I found myself, through no real impetus of my own, eating in Cracker Barrel last night. I regard it as a bad sign that I’m still full nearly 12 hours later. Either I ate like a pig, or they put appetite suppressants in the dumplings.

Why you might ask, was Sly Civilian…who is northern born and bred gracing the interior of such an establishment?

Because I didn’t trust people enough. The last post I had on coming out was pretty angsty, and I’m still trying to figure that one out. But while talking with one of the ex-es, and I kind of let it slip.

She was a little upset. Mostly, it seems that I hadn’t told her sooner. And that I’d been off in coupledom, not helping out with volunteering for campaigns with her like I’d promised. So when confronted with anger, what do I do?

Let her pick the restaurant, and so the next day, we found ourselves at Cracker Barrel, talking about politics over fried things. I don’t know entirely how things went, and there were a couple times when it felt like “We’re Not Talking About Something”…but honestly? It kind of made me wish I’d just thought of this a few weeks ago. I don’t know if anyone’s ever come out in a Cracker Barrel before…and if it was going to be pretty much drama free, then I might as well have gotten it over with. You know, so that I could get back to the friendship with her.

Which for some reason, seems to involve random trips for bad food and passionate conversation about this state’s politics and how she’s going to change things up.

My friend, and the next big mover and shaker in the 3rd CD MN…

Happily yours,