Things are a little better here…the boy is starting to heal up some, and we’re starting to think we’re seeing progress.

Anyhow…i’ve been a busy bee trying to make the blog rounds, and actually trying to comment instead of doing drive bys. I’m just going to use two of those from the discussion here at Alas to be today’s post, since i think they say most of what i’m thinking at the moment.

To the subject ot teaching…w/o specific reference to above comment.

One of the things that i think may be present in nubian’s frustration with “I learn so much” is the obvious insufficiency. If what you read there is radical, new, and unprecidented in your experience, you may have little to no contact with black feminism. This is NOT to say she is unoriginal, or entirely equivalent with some unified “Black Feminist” ideal. But it is to say that if your world gets shattered every time you read, you may have some serious catching up to do with the fact that WOC often have different feminisms than white women do.

So when a person says “I learn so much” one of the things that may be broadcast by that is “I don’t know nearly enough about this important subject, and i consider your blogging to be my sole source of information.”

Outside of a broader relationship of respect, such drive by “compliments” feed the writer’s suspicion that she is being used for off label purposes. Writing that is not intended to be primary education is being leaned upon in an unsafe manner. Taking nubian’s blog, and moving it until it can be represented as “all a white person needs to know about racism” is clearly problematic. And I strongly suspect that the nature of these comments might lead her to believe that’s exactly what’s going on.

Yes, one cannot control the way in which one’s writing is used. But so too, those bad readers cannot control the way the author chides them for reading poorly. If the reader has agency, so does nubian. So don’t get it twisted. If I read Grapes of Wrath and think it’s about big family vacation out west, it’s totally fair game for the Ghost of Steinbeck to call me up and state for the record: “Dumbass.” Why is the white urge to commentate suddenly supirior to nubian’s countercommentary?

Why are you assuming the best, anyhow? In a situation of systematic white priveledge and racism, what looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck…it’s most likely the Duck of White Racism. And we have people here asking nubian to assume that they’re swans, or otherwise dictate her reaction to OUR problem.