For today at least. From Shake’s Sis…1800 SUICIDE is in trouble.

There’s been some really good commentary on how Bush’s plan will hurt queer people, so i’m going to talk a little about the religious issues.

Here’s the premise. In a time of personal crisis, a person has the right not to be exploited.

Simple, right? Which is why i get mighty nervous about the fundagelicals getting into this business, both governmental and otherwise. As Pam reported, federal pressure has been mounting to support faith-based suicide prevention. All well and good, until one realizes that the biggest faith based operation for this is…

The Crystal Cathedral? What would a televangelism empire have to do with suicide prevention? Converts? Cash?

Am I too cynical? Am I uncharitable and untrusting of my more conservative brethren (and i do mean to be gender specific here, as their leadership is too)?

Privatization of this kind of resource means that people, at their most vulnerable hour, are going to be subject to ideological pressure, anti-queer bias, and be ushered into dependency on a group to which they otherwise might not have any contact. CC, and other fundagelical outfits have a right to seek converts. But to choose to do so in this manner is only a fair if people have a meaningful choice. This means being upfront about the association between “care ministries” and the operations that fund them. And it means that people must have access (and referrals if necessary) to similar services that are open to and affirming of all faiths. And it should very much mean being upfront about the training level (often minimal to non-existant) of the staff of such ministries. It wouldn’t be the first time that proselytizing got masked as medical care

So yeah. Go, call, act. As taken from

1. Tell the Government to keep their commitment to 1-800-SUICIDE and send the $266,000 that was already allocated.

2. Help Fund 1.800.SUICIDE.
We need to raise $266,000 for our bills with AT&T to keep the Suicide Prevention Hotline running privately. Once we pay off AT&T for our old phone agreement We have to pay roughly $30,000 per month for the next 6 months in order to come out of debt.

3. Keep Suicide Prevention Private and Confidential Petition.
Our Government should not duplicate the efforts of the Hopeline – but help with training of social works, education and awareness of the issues of mental health.

4. E-mail your friends.

Get crackin’ folks. We’ve got a national resource to save.