The other night, I’m across the river from the boy’s place, talking with a good friend. She mentions that my entries have a tendancy to throw her head for loops.

I said to her, and i want to say here…they’re entries precisely because they’ve thrown my head for one.

Some of them are thought through a little, and come to more of a conclusion. Most of them aren’t. I blog my theoretical exploration, and the process of trying to concieve of new ways of looking at this world. If it starts to hurt, set it down.

So. I guess i wanted to put this caution up, that I’m not looking out for you like authors usually ought to. Writing is supposed to be something that organizes the world, but I’ve gotten so tired of working like that. I chafe everytime i see it, and try to break things back out of the pre-packaged structures. And i’d rather treat my reader as a co-conspirator than a subject. The payoff can be freedom to explore and organic collaboration. But the risk is that these posts can be a headache to deal with.

As my theoryparentfigureofgreatrespect Homi Bhabha has said, he knows his writing is difficult and often hard to parse. But without spoon feeding the reader, there are few other ways to address complex subject matter. With what i imagine is less confidence in my ideas, I try to work on a similar model.

I hope that uneasy feeling does strike every now and again. I also hope it isn’t overwhelming…after all, this is supposed to be fun. Deconstructing without a net is only really scary if you don’t enjoy the fall.


Blog Forcast: Next up will be a conversation about the difference between creating and surfacing tension. It’s kind of a random 101 piece, but I think it’s going to be useful to write before I head back to Yale. Academic conversations about “diversity” seem to have a bad habit of making category errors with those two on a regular basis.