Maybe Chris Muir was on to something. We do need a good nickname for the Times, however, I would prefer one that made some damn sense.


Sitting at the kitchen table this morning, I thumbed through the NYT Sunday Magazine, when I saw this.


Holy Shit.

These two are the worst of them, but the rest show women litterally dissolving into the woodwork. Under the title, “Grand Illusions” was the caption:

“Wearing a dress that costs as much as a house, a girl can’t be blamed for losing her head.”

Have you walked over women’s rights lately?


I wish there was some extended commentary that I could give to deconstruct the meaning of these kinds of images. But the only thing I have to say is that it’s a twisted ass world which doesn’t register these images as troubled and freighted. Denial is not just a river…it’s a strategy of power.