A brief review, since it appears that we all need one.

It is a *bad* thing to try to out anonymous bloggers as a way of shutting them up.

Evil. Wicked. Tricksy.

Some of us depend on relative anonymity to be able to speak our minds. I may or may not be in the right on a given issue, but the fact that I’m blogging my time at Yale at all comes from the respect other people have given me by not linking my name to this space.

I have stuggled a lot with the ethics of anonymous speech, but at a place that has ceased to provide such cover in it’s internal publications, I have found it necessary to come here.* Moreover, I have found that the freedom and saftey i can have here has augmented, not taken away from, my willingness to take real life risks for these ideas brought forth in our conversations. Rehearsed and polished on the blogs, these ideas inform my advocacy and voice.

I value this conversation, greatly. Y’all are my fellow academics, almost academics, never academics, people who just plain think about why this world is like it is.

So for the love of all that’s sacred, don’t make a weapon out of what we share here.


*There is a weekly open letter, but it has ceased publishing articles without names after a snarky exchange on showoff first years. Closing that down for such a tempest in a tea pot is a classic Yale “Missing the Goddamn Point” Divinity School moment.