In honor of the recent re-definition of several politician’s names via Google bomb, i suggest this for our dear governor Tim.

Pawlenty: v. To remove funding for, to undercut, or otherwise eviserate an organization or entity for narrow partisan purposes.

Driving the boy to work this morning, the suspension took another beating on the dirt road cleverly disguised as 38th Street. Now, I know Minneapolis had some choice in the matter once the aid to cities was cut. But streets and schools are both pyhrric choices…so while I certainly don’t fault them for (correctly) choosing to keep the lights on in the schools…this is an intolerable situation.

The damage done is deep. The potholes and cracks will continue to expand, and entire streets will need to be torn up to make them servicable again. And I don’t knw if you’ve seen Lake Street lately, but that kind of total reconstruction not only takes massive amount of cash…it can kill local businesses. The longer a project takes due to a small budget, the more shops shutter. Lowry is in even worse shape, and there’s been some cry that majority minority areas are getting the most underfunded and disruptive road work. Given Minneapolis’ long and tragic history of mistreatment of these communities, this is a real problem. Ryback got a hard lesson on this, as his do nothing proposal on crime fell flat recently in North, and the city can only expect more of the same hostility if it imposes inept repairs to infrastructure…whether it’s schools, roads, police coverage, whatever…

Even if we try to rebuild the city from the crumbling imposed by intentional neglect…the trust to come through this together has been strained far too much. The burbs might have the ability to coast for a little while, but ultimately, the infrastructure of the state has been let rot to feed Timmy’s political aspirations. And his base will feel it too. But not before the rest of us have suffered immensly.

So, thanks Tim. Thanks a lot.