With no apparent sense of tragic irony, Mich Womyn’s Music Fest, set the record straight with this press release.

And yes, normally, I don’t link to Heart (on the grounds that she talks a lot of anti-trans crap, such as favorably citing the MWMF press release, for instance…) my sense of empathy has been stirred by her taking a hell of a slashing from soopermouse. Criminy, folks… I don’t know that I even agree with Heart, in fact I’m more than wary of the “The Women Who We Consider To Be Most Oppressed of All the People of the Earth, They Art Wonderful for We Shalt Save Them They Shalt Save Us All” thingy that seems to be wandering around in the background of her post…but seriously? Heart is the cause/enabler of pr0nstitution?

I’m frustrated at this all…but nobody ever said it was going to be easy.

The Dude Abides,

-sly c

Postscript: Jay, as usual, with some righteous commentary on it all.