I write under a psudonym. Because, someday, I might be rash enough to write something that I can’t so easily take back.

Following YDS convention*, I won’t make any of the text available here, but I do feel ethical in relating this. As part of the weekly open letter publication on campus, a student has made a strongly worded statement against alcohol use.

In a certain sense, I admire the courage shown.

Anyhow. The point of this little insider politics moment isn’t actually the argument at hand…because there isn’t one. What got said is at best nonsensical, and at worst, I won’t even speculate. What is at stake is how discourse gets structured. And apparently, at YDS, speaking in Christian love is taking solid aim and blowing a broadside straight at one another, implying that our opponents aren’t fit for ministy.

Which in a certain way is a relief. I suppose i should no longer worry about bringing up heterosexism, racism**, classism, and mysogyny in conversation, because we’re all used to having our personal choices and values brought under public scrunity, and used to question our relationships with God.



* Most of our publications are available online, but the “Dear Theo” section is not. I don’t feel any special ethical obligation to keep the contents of a open letter secret, but direct quotes and authorial attribution are pretty much meaningless here.
** Racism is actually excluded from this list, because apparently, according to our intrepid author, we tackled that last year. Thank goodness.