This morning’s meta.

Things are pretty busy ’round here, but I’m trying to keep to a regular update schedule. Even if it takes time, this writing is always a good stress relief for me.

Welcome to all my readers googling for Noah Kunin. To be perfectly clear, he makes one comment here on the blog (so far), in which he discusses his Minnesota accent. Which is, of course, incredibly revelatory to the current bruhaha. So go read it!

Welcome also to my new Yale readership. If you’ve figured me out, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself. Do so at Gypsy and I’ll buy you a round. I’m not above bribing my readership.

Also in the news, I should not quit my classes and move to Belize. Bad Sly, bad!

Later in the day, I’ll post on my take on the Allen’s situation in the Virginia race, featuring an analysis of gaze in politics, I’m still working on my Minnesota Culture series (It’s a lot harder to research than i thought it would be). And on AntiPrincess’ cue, I’ll write on Yale, access, cutural/economic goods, and the town/gown divide of New Haven.

Stay tuned, folks.