Oh, shit.

The Dear Theo crisis has entered it’s second week with remarkable escalation. Again, following my ad hoc ethics code, actual quotes not available.

Apparently, we’re all on meth. No, seriously, someone has written to the community newletter and claimed that meth abuse is widespread. Apparently, jittery students around finals time are not a sign of lack of sleep and coffee, but of speed. Now, would it suprise me if individual students had such issues? Probably not. But that’s not the question here.

Is an open letter an appropriate format to raise issues of substance abuse? This reminds me of when BelleDame was talking about group therapy gone wrong in the slut-shaming escapades a few weeks ago, when it was apparently a Good Thing to tell other feminist bloggers that despite their own impressions, no really, you’ve been raped. It’s all the intimacy of group therapy without the professional guidelines or ethics!

The fact that perscription drugs were explicitly includes makes it all the worse. When I was on anti-depressants, I wasn’t always the greatest to be around. But if you wanted to make public hay over how my medical treatment wasn’t socially acceptable, then I’d tell you’d be a great sexual partner for yourself. I’ve had to go to class after taking medication to stop a panic attack…but if you think that for one moment, you have the right to tell me that it’s wrong to be “under the influence” in school…

This isn’t professional. This isn’t ethical. This isn’t pastoral.

This is a screwed up, passive aggressive, witch hunt style power trip.

Stop it. Now.