So, it happens that Sly is in a bit of a jam.

I’m trying to survive my course on biblical greek when I get caught up in a nasty round of panic attacks and depression. Drat.

I have an exam coming up, and I speak with my advisor about just what I’m supposed to do. We agree that maybe I can try for an extension, and see where it goes from there.

But it boils down to this. Even if the instructor makes this accommodation, I’m still miserably behind in the course.

Which has me thinking. When it comes to disability, what does the reasonable in reasonable accommodation mean? Is reason a term that offers any real protection at all? I think, for me at least, the whole problem is unreason. My panic and depression don’t follow very many rules at all, coming and going as they please. I make the best of my good times, slide in the bad ones, and somehow juggle it all. But there is nothing systematic or reasonable about what I’m asking. It all depends on the delicate art of getting things done with my imperfect mind that’s the only one I’ve got.

Is it reasonable to get behind on a paper? Take longer with a language class? Need more time for a test? What’s accommodation? What’s reality?

What’s this reasonable thing, and why did it get to be so damn important?