We’ve been having some pretty serious humor malfunctions here lately, so I just wanted to give a brief treatment here.


Pandagon's racist photochop

This is NOT funny. BfP explains further here. But what is the punchline here? Why would it be so odd that a veiled woman would be in that room? Unless we think that the veil is an ontological status, that those women are incapable of independance, or that they are unfit for the public sphere…

As i said on the thread in question, burqas are funny. Especially when the consistant use of them as a bat to whack the fundies places an image of the veiled muslim woman as the gold standard of helpless and oppressed, and lets the thugs turn around and freaking invade and colonize Iraq and Afganistan with the trumped up concern for women’s rights. Yeah. It’s pretty freaking hilarious.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out Ebog Jonson’s flow chart to help us bloggers figure out if we ought to be using blackface to make a political point. Required reading, folks.

Moving right along in the Not Funny category, “Laugh at Person We Think is Probably Crazy.” Unfun for the entire family, mocking the presumptively schizophrenic provides minutes of joyful mirth, while at the same time, robbing people of human dignity!

Jill, you know better than this.

As Shake’s Sis explains it here, this is about boundary making. We’re smart, capable and reasonable. “Those” people aren’t.

You know what? I’m damn sure “they” post letters just like these, using the conflation of mental illness and liberal/progressive ideas. What political compromise looks like, apparently, is racist otherizing of Muslim women and mockery of the mentally ill.

Get me out of here.