Y’all take a chill. You got to cool that shit off. And that’s the double-truth.

Mister Senior Love Daddy has it right. Y’all take a chill.

Ann Bartow is now threatening lawsuits to shut up Zuzu. If you care about the conversation in the lefty blogosphere, and think that people have a right to protect their idenity so that they can speak freely, get over there and show some love.

I’m shaking angry about this shit. There are a good number of us out there who don’t have tenure, who depend on the conceit of plausible deniability to keep our views out there. I know you can figure me out from this blog, and I’m pretty sure that several folks already have. I’ve had communication from faculty members here that strongly suggest that they believe I’m responsible for this blog. And as long as that dance keeps going, and nobody puts my name in stone next to this blog, I can distance myself if i have to. If i was putting out pro-establishment stuff, I’d have no reason to care. But I don’t. I work out my anger, my disagreement, my challenge to the institutions in these pages. And if you think that those challenges are worth making, if they have a space in the public discourse, you need to respect the right of people to protect themselves so that they can withstand the social, cultural, economic, and political fallout of opposing the status quo. I don’t know about everybody else, but if i had the choice, I’d blog under my own name. I’ve long told myself that the day I get tenure, I’ll start posting my name here. Anonymity is not priviledge, it is the inverse.

As I’ve said before…I don’t give up my name because I’m ashamed of what I say. I do it because the way the system works, I have to choose between having a face and having a voice.

Always do the right thing,


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