Gah. I keep telling myself, that someday when I have more traffic, I will keep a more regular writing schedule. Then I tell myself that more folks might read if there was consistent content.

And then I just get really freaking busy.

In lieu of a real post, some links.

Journey Woman writes here, about adjusting to her new cultural location, as a northern black lesbian in a southern black context. A lot of times we’ve seen arguments over intersection and how social status functions across multiple lines. Journey Woman just sets it out there, closing with a reminder of how we depend on our communities. So go and read…

My feeling like this began when I realized that despite my effort I had become THAT girl. I’m the lesbian, feminist, northern girl. I was initially fooled in to some false sense of comfort because I was surrounded by Black people, and White people who at least got the way race plays out in society. I felt comfortable, but it didn’t last, because I soon became aware of the fact that I didn’t fit the “Black” mold…

The 2nd Disability Carnival is up
. Sad that I missed the deadline for entering, I encourage you all to go visit. The theme is on “cure” and how people relate to that idea. This is something I’ve wrestled with for some time, and I think this idea gets to the core of the normative ideas and judgments that preside over us, and how we might get to resistance.

Shannon takes over the term Radical Feminist. It now means a “feminist who is not buying what you are selling.”

And I’ll close by remarking that it is indeed a wonderful day. I’ve got way too much work to do, the sun in shining through the windows, a friend is catching a quick nap before class, I have my ticket for coming home for Thanksgiving, and I had a good weekend with an old friend.