Points for recognizing the quote.

It is like an election. And with projected national turnout not above 40%, I am forced to despair for the country. Seriously. There is no good reason to sit this one out.

Once I finish writing, I’m going to double check that my ballot actually got there in time. God bless FedEx, beloved in Her creation.

Also in metanews, many thanks to Vegankid for the prompt response on the DOS attack that tried to take our server down. If you’re thinking about moving to your own domain…i can’t say enough good things.

I’d like to close up a few things that got brought up in the continued discussion on Haggard.

There seems to be a sharp dichotomy in terms of if people have sympathy for Haggard. It also seems like I’m in the “have” camp. A complication. First, in many ways I don’t. Meth use in queer communities is often linked with barebacking and other highly unsafe sex practices. The resurgence of unsafe sex in certain queer communities is really disturbing to me, and the closet still plays a major role in how people protect themselves. If you can’t even admit that you’re queer, how are you supposed to have safe queer sex? No matter the reason, this is a serious harm that he is responsible for. Putting a loved on at risk without their consent is a huge problem. Sly has nothing but condemnation for doing something so selfish.

To the extent that this whole project relies on “look, a faggot!” as the punchline, then I find myself in reluctant defense of Haggard, because I know that such hate could easily target anyone of us next. And that it will. Even if it was or will be Haggard spewing it. The first response of the queer community to the outed has to be open arms, even if we know we will be rejected, even if it makes little sense. I’m much more interested in protecting QueerNation than I am in policing its boundaries.

As a further note. Watch for Dobson to make a play for NAE leadership. I severely doubt that he would go directly for the position, as he is indeed contraversial, even in some evangelic circles. But I would be extremely surprised if a Focus On the Family ally was not put next in line. New Life will struggle for independence in the coming months, and FOF is right next door. More than the other “overseers” that have been appointed over Haggard, Dobson has the clout to make it mean something. While there is no direct custodial agreement over the church, an Associate Senior Pastor by definition is…no pun intended, a minion. If they’re going to stop the bleeding, they’ll bring someone in from the outside. Otherwise, watch the church disintegrate into smaller congregations (remember all those cell groups). FOF will be right there to “help guide” new congregations. Dobson just got handed a serious bid for supremacy in the Fundagelical World. It’s hard to predict what all happens next, but do count on him trying to capitalize on this.

Watch for environmentalism and social justice to be re-gendered again, as Haggard had been trying to move them to prominence in evangelical discourse. They’ll go back to being feminine and queer. Adjectives “silly,” “tree-hugging,” “pointless,” “touchy-feeley,” and “PC” will be important. You’ve all seen this happen before, and it will be classic.

In the end, I’m a strange queer radical. I follow the Frank Rule pretty carefully, and am reluctant to participate in any outing, unless it is justified by immediate harm to Queerdom. Haggard did harm the queer community. And he did so from the closet. Outing him makes tactical sense, right?

But with pictures like this…with Dobson moving in…

What did we really get?