Than the loss of one’s native land.

So writes Euripedes.*

That would be a far more radical (and humiliating) foreign policy than waging conventional warfare against religious and political extremists who deny basic human rights to women. Forget the bombing campaigns and the torture. Just tell women and their children that they’re welcome to free lives of opportunity in a real democracy.

So writes Lindsay Beyerstein.

Fuck? Have y’all spent time in refugee issues at all? Having seen some of the fallout as a Constituent Advocate, I can tell you that this “proposal” is nothing less than a humanitarian disaster. Nobody ever recommends wholesale movements of people. For a reason. It’s dangerous, people get killed, health care and sanitation becomes impossible to deliver, and the resources spent on mitigating the disaster are mostly wasted.

Also, let’s note the specificity of the reccomendation. The removal of 50% of a nation’s population would be pretty much a guarantee of economic, food, and political collapse into total anarchy. The gendered removal of population is genocidal.

This is a proposal to annihilate an entire nation.

Go read BFP, who spotted this, and the comments there.


*I can’t actually find a source, and I begin to wonder if it’s not actually a misquote. But it was the tagline for the UNHCR for a long time. And as such, this quote has a meaning in the modern debate on displaced persons, refugee issues, and post-colonialism. So there. I just re-invented reality to suit the needs of my discourse.