Sly has been pondering exactly where to go in terms of a PhD a lot. There are three concerns.

1. Will Sly enjoy this work?
2. Is Sly qualified to do said work?
3. Will someone give Sly money?

But now entering the mix is the concern that I have the chance to make a push for what I want academia to be. The perception of what is “legitimate” study is often correlated to the number of white dudes who think it’s important…and while that horrifies me deeply, I rarely pass up the opportunity to use privilege against privilege. Rachel writes about the way in which academia still has significant segregation, in this case along gender lines. When women enter a field in great numbers, men tend to leave. And men don’t enter traditionally “female” fields. Yetch.

So. Somewhere between looking for a degree that will give me that precious “legitimacy” and one that will give me “fulfillment,” I have perhaps become confused.

So instead of figuring this out, I’ll be reading The Talking Book by Allan Callahan and listening to Pink. The first is for a paper later this term, the latter is off the link from the legendary Belledame.

Much better than existentialist academic crisis.