Kip Hawley is an idiot.

After dodging the unreliable, false positive giving puffer machines, simply by self-selecting a different line, I got through security without issue. As I’m heading home, I simply did not take toothpaste, deodorant (other than what was already on my person), or other personal products. Whoever thought up the 3.4 oz limit has to have an in with the travel size industry. Proctor and Gamble must have creamed their pants when they heard this one. Ziploc too. A person with 2 items in a non-standard bag had to toss away makeup and dramamine, both known to be dangerous substances.

Kip Hawley is an idiot. We’re no more secure than we were on 9/11. We’re just more hassled.

Annoyance gives the illusion of safety, folks.


PS: Kudos to BDL for having free wifi, so that I can post about how stupid their security is.