Yes, Sly is on probation. Sorry, but you’re dealing with a lawbreaker here. One year of “No Same or Similar” offenses, and I’ll be righteous again.

The upside? The speeding ticket I got last time I was home is off my record. Yippee!

Anyhow. Not much is new here, but i’m chewing through books trying to get ready for the final crunch time. The last weeks of a semester are understandably crazy, but this one is going to be pretty back loaded. The comprehensive final in Patristics has me….concerned.

In other news. Twisty articulates a more nuanced version of her previous argument on fellatio, including an emerging thesis of logical absurdity as representative of the limits of imagination under domination. I hold minor reservations with some of the language, and would love to hear her comprehensive view of the intersectionality of oppression…but it’s certainly worth a read. Also, if you enjoy the abstract concept of hope, do not read her second addendum.

Have yourselves a great day.