If you don’t listen to Old Crow Medicine Show, you should. It’s bluegrass. And it kicks ass.

The fever still comes and goes…which means i’m still waiting for the worst to be over. The docs tell me that when it’s gone for 2-3 days, then i’ve entered the “tired as feck, but otherwise not entirely crappy” phase of mono. Still waiting. Yeah. Patiently or something.

One benefit to taking a little time off from the blog is that I’ve actually made the rounds in comments a little more. I go in streaks with this…and I should actually remember how much I love comments, and how that means I should go forth and spread the love. The problem with reading by RSS is that i’m often nodding along with an entire piece, utter a “fuck, yeah” at the end, and then go on to the next item in the que. And while the scarcity of time often dictates that…

Bees currently in my head covering are currently lead off by the really freaking terrible piece that Shake’s Sis decided to post. This is one of those “i really honestly expected better” situations, which makes it all the more bitter.

Let’s just get this clear. This “study” is meaningless. 69 is not a sample size. “Severity” is a word that has one meaning in institutional mental health settings: “non-compliance.” And what political preferences these people had do not actually predict the mental health of people who happen to share those political preferences. That’s called a logical fallacy. So running an after-study data-mine correlation between what patients are judged by others to be most “severely” affected by psychosis and a joke of a straw poll, and then laughing at the “political” implications of the above…

It’s despicable.

It’s politically meaningless, scientifically dishonest, encourages the trivialization of voting rights for disability communities, and above all, uses mental illness as a freaking bat in an eternal game of whack-a-fundie.

Goddammit, have we collectively learned nothing?

Zuzu says it when commenting on the latest incident in a long in coming and noticeably public melt-down of a netroots blog:

“These insults aren’t meant just for the recipients. They’re meant for everyone else in that group, too.”

The trick isn’t to be a “little more careful” this time. The problem with the blackface jokes isn’t that they weren’t timed well. It’s a goddamn gun. That’s what it does. It hurts people.