Can’t think of the word…

I was realizing that I was losing some balance in terms of how I’d been writing the last couple days, writing and deleting wast swaths of material trying to explain my conceptualization of mental health issues and politics. What was missing is the sense of joy and pride that I have in my community, and not just the piss and vinegar that I summon in their defense. I’ve decided to put off my follow up piece for a while…look for something on Christmas.

Round up of the news…

In the meantime, Shake’s Sis has the story on the ICE conducting mass raids at meat packing plants decked out in riot gear. Which leads us to the least funny joke of the day.

Q: How do you find undocumented workers?

A: Seize workers at gunpoint, and take their documents away.

It’s hard to overestimate how serious this is in terms of how the immigration debate will be playing out, and who has expectations of protection under the rule of law. Despite the best efforts of the union (remember these guys the next time someone asks you if unions are still relevant), many of these workers have not been able to contact legal counsel or their families. When stormtroopers show up, round up people of a certain skin tone, take their IDs away from them, and drag them off to places unknown without so much as giving them a phone call?

1939 called, and it wants it’s stuff back.

Jenn has been covering the fallout (and lack thereof) from Rosie getting hit by the Racist Fairy.

Ebog went to Nairobi…wish him well, and pray that no major incidents requiring his skewering happen while he’s off.

Four Weddings and Funeral is a great movie to snark with friends. Also, Hugh Grant is really kind of ridiculously attractive even when he’s making an ass out of himself. The Auden poem had me crying.

That’s all I know folks…