Serious geek points for catching the title reference.

So, Spotted Elephant tags me for the book meme. And i have a problem.

I look around carefully, 360 degrees to figure out which book is actually physically closest to me. With in arm’s reach there are 2 collections of writings from the early Church, a history of the same, a collection of essays on African-American biblical interpretation, a monograph by a former professor of mine on the same, K. Cannon’s Black Womanist Ethics, Fanon’s Black Skin, White Masks, Augustine’s Enchiridion, DuBois’ Souls of Black Folk, my undergrad advisor’s most recent book, and a handful of journal articles.

That doesn’t even include the winner…

Can you tell it’s finals season?

The champion of proximity is, of course, the omnipresent tome of my life: Homi Bhabha’s Location of Culture. I actually have put it down for a while, but I needed a page citation for Fanon, and I remembered where Bhabha had quoted the same passage. I cheat sometimes.

As directed, 5th sentence on the 123rd page, and quote the following three sentences.

It is from this area between mimicry and mockery, where the reforming, civilizing mission is threated by the displacing gaze of its disciplinary double, that my instances of colonial imitation come. What they all share is a discursive process by which the excess or slippage produced by the ambivalence of mimicry (almost the same, but not quite) does not merely ‘rupture’ the discourse, but becomes transformed into an uncertainty which fixes the colonial subject as a ‘partial’ presence. By ‘partial’ I mean both ‘incomplete’ and ‘virtual.’

I hate to admit, but i’ve lost track of those who have done this already since it’s been going around a bit. I tag three people who haven’t done it yet. Self-select, and report for duty!