As a quick break from studying for my last exam, part not sure in a continuing series: Minnesotans you oughta fraking know.


A member of the celebrated and infamous Doomtree crew, Dessa is a unique voice in the Minneapolis hip-hop scene, and spoken word artist extraordinare. Poetic with a beautiful voice, and lyrics that draw you in to think and feel…

I’ll just leave you with some lines from “Cubano” and tell you to go over there and find yourself a new musical addiction.

kiss the bottle, spin the girl
i forgot
but reconfirm that life can be fine
if you make it sacred

little bit of melancholy, never hurt anybody
even if it is a sickness
i’m oddly convinced that at least it’s honest
when life gets so tragic comic
a mattress with no sheets on it
fact is you have it, the task is to want it

if there’s a damsel in this dress
she’s too far gone to say, out of time
it won’t get better, baby
you can’t talk me down from this decline
you haven’t got a chance
but you can ask me to dance…