Snarkity is at it again. Today’s “I don’t really mean this, but I’ll say it anyways” Award goes to:

Here, my experience, again, is, if someone offers a differing view of transgender issues than the one you hold, bfp, then that person gets immediately labeled “transphobic.” At that point, the discussion really ends. There’s nothing more to be said. Which is why I am saying, I hope space will be made at some point for the discussion I think needs to be had.

That’s from Heart at BFP’s place.

She’s got a point. I will now stop using the following discussion ending terms: racist, homophobic, sexist.

It’s not discrimination. It’s a difference of opinion!

Can’t we just learn to agree to disagree about whether or not you’re actually a person?


PS: I may or may not post more comprehensively on this later. But in the mean time, read BFP’s full thread, and also go to SE for commentary on the “crazy” baiting that accompanied the anti-trans rhetoric.