White people like to tell stories. Some of our cultural heritage comes in the form of Norse myths, Germanic folk stories, and Celtic legends. Some of it comes from later productions, those of Dunne, Shakespeare, and Milton. Some of it comes in the form of total bullshit, manufactured to make a slave plantation in to a tourist attraction.


Eric Muller, a Law prof at UNC, blogs it here. He pokes fun at the doubletalk phrases being used to hide the actors in the story. The family patriarch apparently, “hand selected all the lumber” for the house. Eric wonders who exactly did the real work. Visiting there, he asks the tour guide about the slaves at the planation, whom have so far not been mentioned.

“Well, what we know is that the Foy family treated their slaves very well.”

Thank goodness!

Meanwhile, D. Neiwert takes another try at irony, and succeeds more than he knows. You may recall Orcinus as one of the leading liberal blogs to take on the rhetoric of eliminationism. You may now add “and engage in it” to the description. When the “crazy people for Bush” story broke, co-blogger Sara Robinson was right there to participate in the slander. Pathologizing disagreement as that story did, is of course a major component in eliminationist rhetoric. Now, we come to know that white power advocates are, wait for it…

“Mouth Breathing”

I’m going to go ahead and reprint a comment from Ballastexistanz in response.

“It’s offensive to say (and these analogies have been made) that the American government is “autistic”, or that George W. Bush is “retarded”. If it’s not obvious why, I don’t know how to explain it to you.”

I don’t know if i should snidely quote Nietzsche about staring in to the abyss, or what. I made my objection known very clear last time, but the response there was extremely disappointing. Frankly, it does seem like it’s impossible to explain. So much of the response is just text book, talking about oversensitivity, “PC” hampering the ability of liberals to have fun on the interwebs, that we need to be “strong” against the conservatives, whatever.

These things are offensive.

And if it’s not obvious why, I’m not sure I know how to explain it to you.