First, since this carnival is self-initiated, I urge you to consider calling a future edition. When the time is right, and you will know that it is, you will call forward Radical Fun. And then you will have posts about eggs and quarks. At least, that’s what my feed reader tells me.

Stop back over the day weekend, and as people add their posts, I’ll be collecting them here.

For the love of whatever gets you out of bed in the morning, blog it here.

-sly civilian

Entries To Date:

A quirky look at quarks from J. Haqq-Misra

Emily queers up pop music here.

Esther enters the Great Egg Scramble Off in search of the perfect oeuf.

Because our Blog Mother in Radical Fun is off at a conference, I’m stealing a post from her that I found fun, and to be posted in the spirit of the same. And cats. Fun cats. Cats that could drive you to drink, of only they would hold their antics at a time of day that didn’t make you seem sketchy for cracking open a beer.

Kevin promises fun is incoming. And delivers the fun, both in sartorial and snow forms.

pheonix and tree blogs about board games, sitting around a table with folks, and euchre.

Sage writes six word stories, and celebrates her students.

Vegankid writes a 6 word love story, and tags me. I’ll get to it soon. Vegan also adds the many sources of fun. A personal shout out to Civilization, Sid Mier’s contribution to my computer addiction.

Petitpoussin blogs about really, really cute things here.

Blue combines booze, power chairs, and a balloon for a until then unheard of amusement.

Elle waxes a sweet nostalgic about the hottest spot in all the South.

Sylvia explains why books are so damn special, and how the best kind of reading lets you forget you’re holding a book at all.

DeviousDiva writes of the pleasures of life, quiet things, raucous parties, and taking photographs which always make me miss Greece something awful.

IrrationalPoint has some logical fun. I don’t know if this really qualifies as fun fun, but sensing the barely concealed glee in the mathematical formulations i don’t understand, i have decided to go ahead and post it.

My contribution is a brandy soaked travelogue.

Multiple entries welcome, and I’ll start leaving comments for all you deadbeats who said you were gonna have fun and haven’t yet.