We’ve got a problem here. It seems like my comments have gotten redlined by Akismet and possibly some other anti-spam services.

I won’t tell you to turn them off…in fact, please don’t. But I’m going to figure out a new email/web page to direct people to so that I can get around it. I’m a little suspicous about how it happened, and I have a very good idea of who’s behind it. Akismet claims that it is difficult to game the system, but there was a massive spike in traffic from a single location at the same time that my comments started to vanish. But short of hard proof, I’m going to say that it happened by accident.

So just to review, if you don’t like a trackback or comment…delete it. Reserve “spam” for spam. Otherwise it silences people elsewhere, and creates major headaches for sites that do want to talk with the person that you’re mad at. Don’t make good people wade through spam.