Tonight, I’m driving home with two of my friends, and as they catch up, the conversation turns to some incidents in which white people acted a fool. I’m not surprised by this, not by now.

But when we talk about being the only black/white person in a class, they both had profoundly negative experiences. On the other hand, i will offer as close to verbatim quote as I can:

“It was a different experience, and somewhat unnerving at times because I didn’t know what was going on. I was really lucky that Prof. Name made an effort to make it a positive experience for me.”

Lucky isn’t quite the word I was looking for, was it?

Anyhow, we still had a lovely evening. I mean, lovely. Great food (if i do say so myself) and even better company. On the way back, we remarked on how cold Yale can be, and how fulfilling it was to take some time off and just be fun for a while. Sitting back over a meal, having my guests sing a duet of an old Elton John song that they think that as a queer man I am woefully remiss for not knowing, flipping through my baby pictures, joking around about relationships past, really taking some time to think about why people chose what is hurtful to their lives, going back to laughter, and sharing some good old fashioned camaraderie…

That’s lucky.

That’s lucky indeed.

-sly c