A roundup of the crazy crazy life.

Happy fantastic good news from England. I’m just terribly relieved, even if i’m a little scared of what happens next. I’ve been through this before, and the end is never the end. As long as the Church remains divided, there is nothing built that cannot be torn down. And sad as it is to know that, we just keep on building anyhow.

But what’s been happening, is that I’ve been reading over all the stuff that I wrote the last time around. And one of the problems is that I didn’t save this stuff all to one place. I left it all online, where there is often the ability for others to leave comments in various forms.

Many of them say things somewhere along the line that I am to be encouraged in my path towards ministry.

I keep delaying putting in my paperwork, and it’s getting to the point where there may be significant flack in trying to change my degree program. But the moment I put in those papers, I’m done with ministry for the future as far as can be seen. And I can’t quite bring myself to do that.

Over the next while, I’m going to post some of it. I know this blog isn’t usually heavy on the religious stuff, but this is a part of me, and a fact of my life that I have never entirely resolved.

Maybe it’s to grieve something lost, or to bring me back to something left behind. I haven’t figured it out yet.