Maybe it was just my mood otherwise, but i honestly kind of choked up a little bit when i read that John Amaechi just got a endorsement deal from HeadBlade.

I mean, maybe it’s just that not only has coming out been a good step for him personally, but that we have just such a cool new frontman who really seems to get it, and be visible in a way that our own “advocates” have not been.

To be honest, it’s stupid really, that I’m happy for this. Participation and co-optation in to structured capitolism is hardly something to rejoice over. But I still get the feeling that maybe something is in the air.

Like maybe it’s a little easier to be queer. A little lighter on the shoulders. Dare I hope, a little safer, too?


PS: I know i missed several wonderful carnivals and some other big doings. It bites, but I’ve been busy hanging out with a good friend. I’ll write more when I’m back from the real world.