So, now that I am actually getting relaxed, break is coming to an end. I get the sneaking feeling that these may be some of the last of the best days of my life. I have a schedule to die for, with the ability to be anywhere I’d like for days at a time. It’s technically a 4 day weekend, but I do have work…it’s just that I could just as easily be in another town doing it. And often, I am.

Which brings me to my point. I’m going to be done with Yale very soon, probably by Christmas. And i have to pick where to put this body. So far, it’s been rather easy….the schools I’ve wanted to attend are in specific locations.

I’m mostly picking between NYC and Minneapolis, but I could hear arguments for just about anywhere in the world. I’ve got a lot of friends in Minnesota, and the draw is strong. But this is my big chance to strike out into the big big world…and I’d love to at least daydream about some other possibilities.