And it’s almost here.

For over a month, a service focused on barriers to ordination and the restrictions on who may preside in Marquand Chapel is going to go live in just a few days.

I’m still writing my bit…and oddly, waiting to hear who is going to preside. It’s a long story, really…but we just have to see what happens.

One of the tougher bits has been working out my dissapointment with what we’re going to do…not because it’s a bunch of crap, but because it’s really good, almost perfect in a lot of ways. And it’s that near brush with my vision, as mediated by a bunch of other people who care about this and their concerns. Committee work always has this side to it, and i can shrug off most of it. But part of me is really thinking about going militant during my homily.

Because the church is in a bad way right now…and i get a vibe too often from folks that they think about queer ordination as kind of a inevitable march of progress. They think their mainline denomination “will come around” and some of the more conservative ones will remain so. It’s not. And if something is really unjust…it’s not some sign of tolerance to leave it unopposed in another segment of society.