I’ve now and again toyed with the idea of going on medication…

I keep coming up with reasons not to, with some lingering sense that it’s just not quite right to tinker with one’s brain in such a fashion. And I’m not terribly proud of that…the brain is not altogether mystical, and the personhood of an individual does not ride on having untouched brain chemistry. That, and I drink coffee and beer on a regular basis, so who the hell am I kidding when I say I’m unmedicated. I just choose drugs that aren’t prescriptions.

Save for one. I have an emergency supply of a muscle relaxant…basically just enough optiate to bring me down in case of severe panic attack, and give me a chance to sleep it off and otherwise avoid potential harm.

Observant viewers noted that major news networks were reporting on the VT shootings, saying that Cho had not been taking medication. How’d they know?


The federalization of medical information is a threat to the well being and treatment of the mentally ill. Against the chance that I resell my 4 little pills, the government has wagered the trust and safety my community. They’re not even supposed to be able to access that information in a situation like this. But when that data is sitting right there, do we expect the states to stand up to illegal requests from an increasingly reckless administration? The very people who may have a hard time forming trusting relationships of care with medical professionals are now being told that the government is there in the room to watch.

When they record that information us…who will find out? Are you really paranoid if they’re actually out to get you?