I think i may have a new series for y’all. This section will be dedicated to the search terms, comments, postings, and ephemera of the Intarwebs that makes me want to headdesk with great passion.

From Twisty’s latest Pr0n thread (and no, i’m not touching that with a 10 foot pole no pun intended thank you very much but you can have Sage’s response instead…)

Commentor LMYC offers the following metaphor for the impossibility of consenting to one’s oppression:

Someone with mental illness could come up to me tomorrow, literally ask me to light them on fire, and say, “But I’ll ENJOY it so it’s okay!”

Mmm. The stupid…it sustains me. Despite many trips to the ward as a kiddo, i can tell you something I never saw, or even heard of. Someone lighting themselves on fucking fire to kill themselves. I heard just about everything else, including a whole lotta folk who burned themselves in a limited fashion as a practice of self-injury. How many folk do you know outside of Buddist war protestors who have set themselves (or asked random bystanders to) on fire? Really?

Or was that just a reflexive cheap shot on how scary those mentally ill people are who don’t ask you to set them on fire but make you uncomfortable by their very existance?

Congratulations, scary lady, you win the “Why Don’t You Lay Down Right Here While the Bus Goes Over You” award, which remembers all the things people have said to scuttle the struggle for human dignity in the name of promoting human dignity.

Also from the depths of ablist nonsense, comes this gem of a search term used to find my blog.

“Does autistic shit stink worse?”

Well, dear friend, i suppose that strong depends on what that person has eaten recently. For instance, I really like Italian 3 bean soup, but it often makes me gassy.

This one really wins because it comes from the government office of a public servant in Massachusetts. Congratulations, people of the state just north of me! Your government employees are randomly googling around to find out the relative qualities of poo based on a neurological difference. You must be proud.

Keep up the stupid….because the internet isn’t going to dumb itself down.