I’ve talked this one before…but I think a link is still in order…

When someone does something vile, you serve nobody by dismissing them as a nutjob. Calling them crazy not only absolves them of responsibility for their actions, it lets every mentally-ill person in earshot that somewhere in your head they’re equivalently dangerously unstable. You may not mean it at the time, but that’s the point. You get sloppy with your language, you reinforce plenty of ideas you (hopefully) would rather not, you devalue innocent people, and, meanwhile, you let your target off the hook. You didn’t mean it? Well, good. Say what you mean, then.

That’s Little Light…and y’all should read the whole thing here.

In other news…things are still rather socked in, as Sly rediscovers what “finals” can do to him. Exam Wednesday, paper next tuesday…and then it’s a wrap.