So, guess who when told by the hospital ethics board that they’d need a court order for the incredibly unethical things there were about to do

Didn’t get a court order.

No prizes, folks. For all the gloss of how the parents really wanted what was best for Ashley…the only way this happened was by a clandestine operation done without the reviews necessary according to the ethics board.

The winning part of the situation (and believe me, that’s tough to say given all this) is that the hospital in question will now have someone on the ethics baord “from the disabilitiy rights perspective.”

Gosh. Shouldn’t all of them believe in the rights of the disabled? And shouldn’t every hospital do that?

Amazing what an illegal sterilization will do to shake up the status quo.

My snark cannot hide the deep anger i feel at this, and the sympathy I have for all those who have been objectified as recpients of treatment, and not agents in their own right.


Edit: BFP tips us off that Blue has covered this, and includes the press release the family made, which reeks of BS. Apparently they were aware it was illegal, but went ahead anyway because “a laywer told us.” Uh, yeah.